Today I updated Jekyll, which I use for this site, and fixed some problems with URLs that had affected this site ever since I created it at the start of 2016.

I switched from the BlackDoc theme to Midnight with some customizations (mostly, simplified). I’m not especially experienced with HTML or CSS/SCSS so I limited myself to simple changes only.

I think the URL problems were caused by some bad assumptions in some layout files; possibly assumptions I had made, I’m not sure. The result was that the RSS and Atom feeds had URLs with too many slashes, such as This was caused by two things in my _config.yml:

  1. url was with a trailing slash that I’ve removed.
  2. baseurl was /, but should be "".

However, when I fixed both of those things, only pages in the root of the URL were properly-styled, because the layout files used baseurl to reference the CSS resources (and probably others); eg. <link href="style.css">, which now resolves to style.css instead of /style.css.

Ultimately, I decided to switch to the Midnight theme after seeing Shamus Peveril use it on his new site.

There are still a few style tweaks I’d like to make, but I’m happy with the site so far. Syntax highlighting works in code blocks; I’m not sure it did before. I’m not sure I ever tested it!